1st location is at K04,STATION MONORAIL BUKIT BINTANG,JALAN SULTAN ISMAIL,50250 KUALA LUMPUR.THESUPERSUNDAYfashionstore is the absolute choice for the fashion addict and local industry supporter where the gathering of over 50 local label include tshirt brand like a STREETSIGNAL/BANGKIT/ABSTRAXXJINGGA/BIMA/DEFY/WEARENVY/BUTTONMYBUTTON and etc,indie band demo and album like a HUJAN/FREELOVE/COUPLE/THEYWILLKILLUSALL/ and many more.We selling also the spray paint,glove for graffiti art industry and maintainly steady about 2 years now still standing together with the local economy and bring the posible to anyone to join and expose themself exclusively in our store.Now THESUPERSUNDAYfashionstore expand their wings to another hot spot in BATU PAHAT,JOHOR to give the same smell of environment for the out of KUALA LUMPUR.


2 comments on “FASHION STORE

    • sabar ya..kasi saya setelkan keje2 tertunggak saya ni dulu pastu saya cite pasal class..memang nak buat klass..tapi kedai da bukak da pun..kat jalan omar but more selling fshion stuff..not future saya nak buat tapi lek2 dulu..xcukup tangan..

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